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ATG‘s tANCHOR PDF protein display technology is a demonstrated efficient solution for displaying antigenic determinants on mammalian cell surfaces. The antigens and epitopes used might be encoded by synthetic genes.

These can be generated as synthetic IMMUNOGENS from digital sources of immunogenomic and -genetic molecular information.

Thus the tANCHOR technology enables you to design and realize your own in vivo and in vitro immune assays.

In VIVO applications of tANCHOR might be:
mAB Antibody Testing
Protein-Protein - Interaction Assay Developments
Extracellular Matrix Bound Enzyme Assays

In VITRO applications of tANCHOR might be the tested selfmade ELISA assay completely without chemical binding of antigenes and epitopes – just by use of the expressed surface bound exposed antigens and epitopes of tANCHOR transfected cells. tANCHOR technology provides an innovative tool for displaying epitopes on the surface of human cells. This enables you to generate your own ELISA methods to search for antibodies binding studies under physiological conditions on your target (Figure-2).

The combination of our expertise in comparative genomics, biodesign & bioinformatics for high density Microarray technology as well as genetic reprogramming for improved cellular function, puts us in a unique position to facilitate your  drug discovery projects.



tANCHOR protein display vectors are specifically designed for the anchored extracellular presentation of the proteins out on the outer membrane. tANCHOR allows the conservation of the functional and structural integrity of the targets/ antigens. Structural integrity and glycosylation has a significant positive impact on the quality of the protein.


Our technology brings you many other advantages:
    tANCHOR technology provides an innovative tool for displaying epitopes on the surface of human cells. This enables you to improve your ELISA methods to search for antibodies binding studies under native conditions on your target.
  • An important application of tANCHOR is its potential for the development of vaccines systemic used in immunization. Epitopes are presented on the surface of a carrier protein inducing the production of antibodies which are directed against the epitopes displayed. By use of heterologous cellular surfaces a strong adjuvant effect might be induced supporting the immunization process.
  • For a direct DNA – immunization approach in which tANCHOR vector is tranfected into muscle tissue via a GeneGun as an example of personalized medicine approaches preventing aseptic inflammatory reactions.
  • tANCHOR is a demonstrated efficient solution which separates the POI (protein of interest) from the complex expression pattern of the cytosol towards its localization outside on the surface of the cellular membrane. For many applications this separation step is extraordinary useful and provides high advantages compared to classical expression systems.

Expression Products and Assembly Services

With extensive experience accumulated over decades, scientists in ATG:biosynthetics could provide our worldwide clients with the unique expression technology platforms FlexTEC - Vectors. All products of ATG’s FlexTEC - Expression Technology Platform are designed especially for single Synthetic Genes but also for assembled gene clusters expressing one to multiple genetic units in one construct. All vectors are designed for easy assembly of genes into units of higher order of expression.

All FlexMAMexpression vectors for mammalian cells are functionally proved, structurally standardized and modular for the flexible exchange.
    Insect cell expression system via baculoviral infection - FlexSECTURBO
  • Bacterial cell expression system - FlexBAC e.g. FlexCOLI (E.coli)
  • Fungal and yeast cell expression system- FlexFUN
  • Mammalian cell expression system- FlexMAM
  • Protein expression (intracellular cytosolic) - FlexMAM basic vectors
  • Protein Secretion (extracellular) – FlexMAM pOUT vectors
  • Protein Display (membrane bound) - FlexMAM tANCHOR vectors

All the detailed Manuals/Brochures are available on request.

We also provide Transfection reagents which can efficiently transfect a variety of cells with minimal cytoxicity and very good viability even in complex cell culture media.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Hubert S. Bernauer

Dr. Hubert S. Bernauer

ATG:biosynthetics GmbH


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