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CodonNews Issue Icon FlexTEC - Vectors: Most Flexible Modular Solutions for Multi-Protein Expression - by Use of Synthetic Genes

Dear Customers,

Are you working as a protein specialist with multiple protein of concerted functions?

      (1)  Is it - hetro-protein complexes exerting physiological and/or signal function or
      (2)  Is your field of expertise bio-catalytic pathway engineering in vitro or in vivo
Then the FlexBACTurbo protein expression kit for multiple gene expression is exactly what you might looking for.
FlexBACTurbo is the flexTEC family member for baculoviral expression of multigene constructs in insect cells. It follows the design of the TogTEC toggle system and harmonically integrates the ACDC-SC design.
Easy, flexible, adaptable.

The vectors are designed for highly efficient expression in insect cells and the assembly of multiple genes in clusters. The DONOR ACCEPTOR principle is realized and after assembly the assembled parts can be recovered exactly like it is needed for rearrangement of genes for further use if this is intended.

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The basic system comes with 6 transfer vectors ( shown below ) that allow you to build your multi - protein expression constructs quickly and easily.

TogBac3.1.1 TogBac3.1.2
flexBacTurbo acceptor vectors
TogBac3.2.1 TogBac3.2.2
TogBac3.2.1Chl TogBac3.2.2Chl
flexBacTurbo donor vectors

Multi-gene transfer vector constructs can then be transferred to the baculoviral genome for expression in insect cells (see figure below, steps 3 through 5).

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