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For an inquiry & a gene check please enter your sequence and additional data/specifications here.

Upload (multiple) FASTA file ? You can either load a text file containing one or more sequences in FASTA format or paste them into the form below. Sequence name will be extracted from the first word after > (up to first space, maximum 30 characters). The sequence is set as DNA if the characters ACGTNXRY cover at least 90 %. Please check the DNA/Protein selectors after import.

Pricing for synthetic genes.

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Your sequence as DNA or Protein     ? Please insert a plain nucleotide (only ACGT) or amino acid (only ACDEFGHIKLMNPQRSTVWY) sequence. Any case is accepted. Spaces, tabs or line breaks will be removed automatically and may be present in your pasted sequence. 5'-R-sites-DNA-R-sites-3' sequence symbol     ? Select your terminal restriction sites (R-sites) at both ends 5'-X-3'.
Please enter any specific requirements in the "Your comments" box, e.g. if you wish to remove or introduce any restriction sites or if you need other sequence modifications. Rare enzymes which need to be ordered for special processing of your order will incur an extra charge.

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vector (please specify, default: pUC-derivative)     ? Please type the name of your vector in here if you require cloning into an NON-standard vector. Our standard is a pUC-derivative plasmid. Codon adaption     ? Protein sequence back-translation or DNA sequence codon adaption according to the codon usage table of the specified organism (<organism>) uses hard codon optimization. For optimization procedures please use "Your comments" to inquire.
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Sequence optimization

Please make the sequence explicitly as is without any further modifications ... more Synthesis of DNA-sequences explicitly as is:

Check this box if you wish to receive your sequence without any inspection for gene functionality.
ATG will calculate the applicable gene synthesis rate (price per bp) based on the complexity of the sequence. We offer to adjust the gene to reduce factors that make the sequence difficult to synthesize, e.g.:
(1) too high or too low local or overall G/C-content
(2) homopolymer stretches, i.e. either poly A, poly C, poly G, or poly T
(3) repeats structures such as direct and inverted repeats
(4) any combination of (1) through (3)
Codon adaptation: Please perform a free simple/standard codon optimization according to the codon table (specify organism above) indicated.
Free Gene Check for Functional Gene Improvement: Please perfom a functional gene check in order to evaluate the need for optimization ...
more Gene Check for Functional Gene Improvement:

The functional gene check will give you a detailed analysis report of the functional obstacles observed in the submitted genes. For this, we usually employ a modified codon table omitting the rarest codons. This guarantees using the statistically best codons for the individual sequence provided.
Gene checks do not include:
(a) optimization of initiation frequency and elongation processivity
(b) calculations for finding the optimum aminoacyl-tRNA pool sizes
(c) general adaptation of GC content and raising codon adapt(at)ion index (CAI)
(d) polysomal packing analysis and packing optimization
(e) messenger stability check.
ATG will only assess how difficult the genes are to synthesize. The price will correspond to the level of difficulty in making the DNA sequence. Alternatively, we offer to adjust the gene using genetic algorithm sequence calculations to reduce factors that make the sequence difficult to synthesize.
Silent Gene Expression Optimization including Gene Check: Please perform a translational initiation frequency and elongation processivity check ... more Functional Gene Optimization including Gene Check:
Customers who ask for a functional gene expression optimization will first receive a detailed analysis report. Based on this analysis that shows the functional obstacles detected in the submitted genes and a detailed list of suggestions how to remedy them, the adjustement for smooth gene function can be performed.

Multi-parametric multi-target silent mutations are introduced into gene sequences by in silico genetic evolution algorithms of the type:


X, Y, Z= do not change the amino acid sequence at the protein level

Based on the initial analyses, calculations are executed to optimize the translational initiation frequency and elongation processivity, to determine the optimum Aminoacyl-tRNA-pool sizes, to adapt the overall GC content, to increase the codon adaptation index (CAI), to analyze and optimize polysomal packing and to check messenger RNA stability. Included in the service is the removal of any structural obstacles that increase the price for synthesis and all adaptations necessary to improve function with reference to the secondary structures detected. These are:
(1) too high or too low local or overall G/C-content of the sequence
(2) homopolymer stretches, i.e. Either poly A, poly C, poly G, or poly T
(3) repeats structures such as direct and indirect repeats
(4) any combination of (1) through (3)
Restriction sites (R-sites) can be calculated INTO or OUT OF the coding sequences. Unwanted sequence motifs such as severely underrepresented sequences are calculated OUT OF the sequence as desired and mandated.

Please inquire for other gene sequence modifications.

Additional services

Gene Non-Silent Sequence Variant Libraries: Please make me an offer for gene variants and contact me ... more Gene Sequence Variant Libraries:
We provide you with libraries of different type:

Introduction of non-silent mutations of the type:

M= introduction of mutations that alter the amino acid sequence at the protein level

Simple gene sequence variants with very low complexity are cheaper than the original sequence. Prices increase with increasing complexity. All gene libraries that are more complex will be individually custom-made and thus require an inquiry with detailed information.
Gene Cluster Variant Libraries: Combinatorial Synthetic Biology gene function optimization projects ... more Gene Cluster Variant Libraries: Combinatorial Synthetic Biology

ACEMBL provides the exclusive combinatorial potential for combining

  • (1) a set of single genes
  • (2) a set of gene variants
  • (3) complex gene libraries
  • (4) or a combination of (1) through (3)

For the bmultiplex-expression of different proteins:
  • (1) functional gene clusters
  • (2) functional protein complexes
  • (3) artificial pathways

for bfunctional analyses, screening and selection processes.
PepID Protein Subsequence Libraries for the Identification of minimal gene function identification projects ... more PepID Protein Subsequence Libraries for the Identification of

MBE =Minimal Artificial Binding Elements in
  • (1) Epitope Mapping Experiments
  • (2) Yeast 2 Hybrid Experiments
  • (3) Protein-Protein Interaction Experiments of the PepMAB-Type

MCE =Minimal Catalytical Elements
  • (1) Minimal Catalytical Units for generating minimal artificial genetic elements - MAGEs
    serving as basic units for the assembly of artificial genomes

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