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ATG:biosynthetics - COMPANY PROFILE

ATG:biosynthetics GmbH was founded in 2001 by Dr. Hubert Bernauer and has its headquarters in Merzhausen near Freiburg, Germany.

ATG is a synthetic biology and biotechnology company. We offer straightforward gene synthesis, gene optimization and expression systems but are specifically experts for synthetic bioinformatics that enable complex combinatorial gene designs, multi-gene expression strategies and projects involving gene cluster design.

We offer bioinformatics and wet-lab expertise, products and services. Our mainstays are multi-gene and multi-peptide expression products and services along with bioinformatics analysis and work-up for academic and industrial R&D in the fields of drug discovery, industrial and medical biotechnology, molecular diagnostics, and bioengineering.

Products and Services
  • Multi-gene/protein recombineering and expression systems for E.coli, insect and mammalian cells
  • Tailor-made expression systems for other (micro)organisms based on a modular assembly strategy
  • Proprietary multi-peptide library design tool as well as biosystems-based multi-peptide library construction and expression system (PepID) for rationally designed bio-peptide libraries. For use in assessing, identifying (mapping) and verifying peptide epitopes, antibodies, or protein-protein-interaction. Applications in R&D for diagnostics and therapy.
  • Gene intelligence solution EvoMAG for multi-parametric gene / (artificial) gene cluster design as well as formal and operational optimization of genes and genetic elements for diverse target organisms (e.g. for functional enzyme optimization, metabolic engineering, signal pathway analysis, etc.)
  • Expression cassette modelling for E.coli, insect cells but also other production organisms (yeasts, mammalian cells, etc.)
  • Gene synthesis of individual genes and gene clusters
  • Plasmid production and purification
  • State-of-the-art computational biology solutions for immunomics, metabolomics, gene expression analysis in your target organism of choice, etc.
  • Synthetic biology and bio-engineering projecting and consulting from gene design to (multi-gene) expression strategy
ATG is also looking for strategic partnerships and outsourcing projects that aim at developing and marketing high-potential applications, e.g. DNA- and protein based vaccines.

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