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Dr. Hubert S. Bernauer is bio-entrepreneur and sole proprietor as well as CEO of ATG:biosynthetics GmbH. He studied molecular genetics, biochemistry, microbiology and organic chemistry at the University of Freiburg (Germany) where he also earned his PhD. As a post-doctoral researcher he worked in a clinical environment in Mainz, Germany, where he set up a clinical lab for molecular and cytogenetic tumor analysis. It was here that he developed his ideas of creating artificial virus systems to fight cancer viruses, especially certain HP sub-type viruses. At the time, no vaccine was known for inducing immunity against HP viruses. This was the starting point for his steadily increasing interest in synthetic biology and gene synthesis, and their application potential.

Since the beginning of 1998 Hubert has been active in the biotech industry experiencing all the ups and downs for over ten years now. He was initiator and co-founder of both "Biochip Technologies GmbH" and "GeneScan Europe AG". There he held the position of the R&D manager/CSO. The company went public in July 2000 at the Frankfurt stock exchange. He is experienced in project management and has a broad spectrum of skills which qualifies him for heading start up and future emerging phases of biotech companies.

After first professional activities in the analytical biotech domain, he turned to synthetic biotechnology in 2001 starting with custom gene synthesis using his patented technology. This lead to him founding the synthetic biotechnology company "ATG:biosynthetics GmbH", Freiburg.
Synthetic Biology and analytical technologies are mutually intertwined. This analytical orientation was a valuable starting point for synthetic biology application developments in analytics and therapy. This valuable combination enables the development of individualized therapies.
Jörg Walossek, IT / Programming: trained biologist with a knack for bioinformatics. He is our IT wizards and also develops bioinformatics applications. His facial hair state reflects his work load...or winter season.

Gregor Zipf, IT/ Programming: a trained physicist and one of our programming gurus